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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Jaunty Jackalope, next Ubuntu 9.04

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Mark Shuttleworth (he is known most for being the founder and leader of the Ubuntu Linux distribution) has begun outlining the plans for the next Ubuntu release. There is still month left until new release of Ubuntu - Intrepid Ibex (or perhaps better known as Ubuntu 8.10) but Mark can’t exist to the new challenge. Following Ubuntu release (next release after Ubuntu 8.10) will be called - believe or not - Jaunty Jackalope!

The next-next release formally will be called Ubuntu 9.04. Mark in this release announces improving the Ubuntu boot-time so that it's "blindly quick" and the blurring of web services and desktop applications. Detailed planning will come during the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in December 2008.

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